The satisfaction of client is our success. Choose us, and you will never be disappointed.


Our big advantage is the experience in Communication, Media, Internet and Digital Marketing for several years. Our biggest strength is the passion and the understanding of culture, human. That helps us supporting the enterpreneurs to sharing the stories as their own messages with their customers most effectively in digital era.

The services that we offer :

Strategy & Planning:
Our dedicated and innovative Marketing Scientists work closely with you to develop a strategy optimized for your needs. With both a wealth of experience in your industry and an ingenious approach to problem solving, we’ll present you with completely fresh strategy, and all the tools you need to implement it. From the very first meeting to the last, our experts take you on a learning and decision journey.

Owned Media:
Media Marketing by DTN Communication is based on analytical social   monitoring, best practice of social media optimization and social media management to adapt to Viet Nam.
If you need to create an online buzz about your company and appeal to youthful and active Vietnamese participants of social media sites, DTN Communication is your choice in creating highly effective social media marketing campaigns, localized in the Vietnamese language.

Paid Media:
We are in good partnership with popular sites and will get the better offer with high discount rate.

  • + Approach right target consume
  • + Report in time and transparently
  • + Can be optimized for most effective campaign

- DTN provides good relationships with discounts for TV& print advertising with effective bookingplans.
- Has established close relationships with (vice) Editors-in-Chief, Managing Directors and
Secretarial/Editorial Board level.
- DTN provides a strong relationship and reduced fees for TV & print advertising with an effective booking plan.
- Has a network of relationships throughout the Ministry of Cultural, Sport and Tourism; Ministry of Information & Communication; The Committee of Central Ideology & Culture; Ho Chi Minh City’s People Committee; Ministry of Transportation.
- To us, “Public relations” simply means taking a more conscientious approach to the  business relationships we need to develop and maintain in order to engage with the public. Our profound understanding of Vietnamese culture, people, economics, etc…. ensures our results

  • + Press conference
  • + Advertorials PR
  • + PR-supported events
  • + Sponsorship